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Kirstie Kraus

Kirstie Kraus



She's thirsty-…for love, magic, authenticity, and anything else that sets her soul on fire. Nowhere does Kirstie Kraus quench her thirst more than under the bright lights, taking her devout fans-ak...-. "Thirsties" on a path of self-discovery and bliss every time she rocks the stage. And when it comes to her writing, Kirstie infuses her own transparent journey with others' experiences to create sustainable lyrics and catchy melodies. The result is a perfect blend of country, funk, blues, and rock, because with this spitfire, there are no boundaries. There's only the process of letting go and letting the song tell you what it wants to be. With sassy singles like "Delusional" (2018), "Gotta Do" (2019) and “Silver” (2020), “Bird” (2021) the Wisconsin native turned Nashvillian has proven time and time again the satisfaction that comes with not being afraid to bend the rules and dig deeper. A supportive, close knit family and an invaluable mentorship initiated through NSA have instilled a desire in Kirstie to spread her wings all while remaining true to herself. Her motto, "Yes You Can" is appropriately the title of her forthcoming 2022 album, which features 11 tracks. Kirstie's single, "Thirsty" (2020) serves as the "ultimate biography of what goes on inside of me when I'm in a relationship." It's that vulnerability and drive that draws listeners into Kirstie's message of open mindedness and belief in a greater plan.


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